Create email templates

If you want to send newsletters to your customers, you most probably want all your messages to appear in common corporate style to make them immediately recognizable and trustworthy. For example, you may want to add a standard header with your company logo and a footer with a standard signature and contact information including the mandatory "Unsubscribe" link.

Adding all these elements to each newsletter takes time and may result in copying errors. To make the email sending faster and to avoid errors when copying & pasting HTML code between sent and new newsletters, use email templates in Mailer app.

A template is similar to an ordinary newsletter but without actual newsletter text. It may only contain an example of text that you will need to replace with your own content before sending a newsletter.

When you want to send a newsletter, all you need is to select a template, designed to your preference, and type the desired text after the greeting line.

To create an email template, use the message editor in section Mailer → Templates → New template.

Create several templates for different occasions; .e.g., newsletters, discount offers, technical notifications, birthday congratulations, etc.


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