How to use user groups in Webasyst

With time your business may grow, and so may the size of your team. When your company consists of several departments, each consisting of several persons with similar duties; e.g., support service specialists, it is not easy any more to ensure that all the access rights are set up correctly. The probability of a mistake is higher in a large team, which may result in different access rights assigned to persons having identical responsibilities. It is much more convenient and faster to assign access rights to entire user groups than to numerous individual users. To do so, create a group, include users in it, and select the desired access rights options. They will be applied to all users in the group.

To manage user groups, click Users in ADMIN section of your Contacts app.

To customize group access rights, click the gear icon on the right hand of the group heading.

Setting up access rights for a group is the same as for individual users, and it's described in detail in the Managing user access rights article.

After you set up access rights for a group, all users included in this group will automatically inherit all group access rights. These inherited rights will be summarized with all personal access rights, if such personal rights are granted to users.

Moreover, each user can be included in multiple groups! In this case, user's aggregate access rights are the sum of the access rights set up for each of his groups.

For example, if you have a specialist on your team who is equally capable of participating in marketers' work as well as processing client support requests, you can include that specialist in both of these groups: "Marketing" and "Support Team". Such a specialist will have access rights available for the members of each of these group.

In the example above, user Olaf has inherited some limited access rights from the group "Marketing"; e.g., "Can edit or delete contacts added by other users". In addition to that, he was granted personally additional permission "Can add contacts". These access rights, inherited from the group and granted personally, are combined, so as a result he received full access rights to the Contacts app.


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