Uploading files to share with website visitors

A website is not only a bunch of HTML pages. You may need to upload any files to your server and be able to download them at any time. Or make those files available for free downloading to your clients.


  • User manuals (PDF)
  • Hardware drivers or other software
  • Images
  • Any other files (except for PHP script files, it's a security restriction)

How to upload and share a file

1. Open file manager

Go to section Site → File manager.

2. Choose directory

Select a directory to upload into or create a new directory.

3. Browse files on your computer

...and wait while your files are being uploaded.

4. Copy link to file

Click on a file in the list to view and copy its URL.

5. Done!

Now you can send the link to the file to your clients or add it to your website so that anyone can download your file.


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