Customize default workflow

Webasyst Helpdesk app comes with a pre-set default workflow, which will suit the needs of most businesses for convenient processing of clients' support emails.

The default workflow is absolutely customizable: you can remove, rename, re-configure, and add your own all sources, states, and actions. You can even create more workflows, with their own sources, sattes, and actions, for handling multiple flows of customer requests within one app.

Why customize default workflow at all?

The idea of workflow is based on two main concepts: order and convenience. Meaning that certain actions within your business process are always executed in the defined order, without exceptions, and that it is you who defines that order.

In terms of clients' support requests it means that you can define what states can be assigned to a ticket and what actions you can execute on a ticket in each state.

States are there to help you immediately see what has been done about a ticket and what else needs to be done. For example, the "New" state means that nothing has been done yet. The "Discussion" state means that the client's message has been read, forwarded to a specialist, and requires the specialist's attention.

Actions save written record of what you have done about a ticket; e.g., added a comment, formwarded to a specialist, replied to the client. Actions can change the state of a ticket; e.g., from "New" to "Discussion" or from "Discussion" to "Closed".

With these essentials ideas in mind, you can customize the default workflow as you want. You are limited only by your imagination and your actual needs. Add custom states and custom actions, and point any action to any state of your choice. Make the Helpdesk app your own territory, because it is your clients you are dealing with.


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