Set up auto-capture of support emails

With email accounts connected to your Helpdesk app, you must ensure that the app automatically retrieves support emails from the mailboxes and displays them as tickets.

If your account is hosted on Webasyst Cloud servers, you do not need to bother about it, because auto-capture of support emails occurs by default and does not require any additional setup.

If your Webasyst account is hosted on your own web hosting server, then special setup is required to ensure that clients' requests are captured from mailboxes by Helpdesk app without interruption, even when you are not looking at the request list or when your computer is shut down.

Cron job setup

What you need to do is to add a job for the server scheduler, often called cron. The job will execute a special server script provided by Helpdesk app and will thus collect all new mail from your connected email accounts to import it into Helpdesk in the form of support tickets.

The instructions on adding a cron job are provided in section Helpdesk → Admin → Cron Job in your Webasyst account.


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