Add web form to collect newsletter subscribers

We know that you do have something important to tell the world. To find an audience for your message, collect their email addresses — in a legal way, of course.

Mailer app in your Webasyst account offers you a convenient tool for collecting subscribers willing to receive your email newsletters. It allows you to publish subscription forms on your website(s) for website visitors to submit their email addresses and other contact information. Add as many forms as you need in section Mailer → Subscribers → Forms → New form.

Then select various options available on the form-adding screen:

Adding form to website

After you save your subscription form, its setup screen will show you 2 options to embed it on a website:

Option #1 is for embedding the subscription form on a Webasyst-powered website; e.g., in your support center.

Option #2 is for embedding the form on your old website which is not powered by Webasyst.

Copy the desired code snippet and add it to the appropriate website page. Here is how it may appear on your website:


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