Author rating

Rating is what users do care about. Nobody wants his rating to go down and everyone somehow feels better when his rating is high. Why? We do not know the answer. But we can provide you with an app to make your clients keep struggling for higher rating. By doing so they will bring the life to your website transforming it from a dry text storage into a place for living!

User rating is not counted by default. You can enable it individually for each available hub (i.e. support section) via Hub → Settings link.

User rating is also called "kudo" in Hub.

Where you can view user rating

The rating of a user is counted, i.e. increased or decreased, when other users vote for his topics, answers, or comments in accordance with your setup as shown in the picture above.

Everyone can view a user's rating by clicking on his name on the website:

In the backend, you can also view users' rating values in section Hub → Authors:


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