Multiple support sections on a website

With the Hub app you are not limited by only one support section on a website. You can have as many as you need!

Since you may have multiple websites hosted in your Webasyst account, you may thus want to create a support center for each of them. Or you may have only one website and want to create more than one support section; e.g., "User Guides & Articles" and "Forum".

Here is how you can get all this set up and runnng.

Step 1. Once you have decided what and where you want to publish, create separate hubs, each for one support section. Use Hub → Settings screen to add more hubs.

Step 2. Create the corresponding website structure in Site → Structure section; e.g.:

While adding new entries to your website structure, select the appropriate hub name for each entry:

Step 3. Done! Your new support sections are now available via the main menu on your website:

Tip: If links to new support sections have not appeared in the main menu, add them in Site → Settings → {$wa->apps()} menu or switch this setting from "Set up manually" to "All settled apps" to ensure that the menu is generated automatically.


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