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f you have a "Question and Answers" section and website visitors post questions there, it is important that they do receive answers. It is good if your community is already large enough that all questions are commented on by other users. But if many questions remain unanswered, the trust in your support service may gradually go down to zero. You personally would not stay satisfied with such a service very long, would you?

Now, once you know what to do, read on to find out how you can do it.

Topic filters

The point is simple: post answers to unanswered questions before your clients get frustrated. To do so, you need the list of unanswered questions always at hand. The Hub app allows you to create custom filters to view various types of topics with only one mouse click.

Here is how you can set up a filter to view question-type topics with no comments/answers:

  1. Click on New filter.
  2. Enter an arbitrary name; e.g., "Unanswered".
  3. Choose whether the list of unanswered questions should be visible only to you or to everyone in your team.
  4. Select topic type "Question".
  5. Select option "Unanswered only" on the right.
  6. Choose other options, if necessary.
  7. Save these settings to make the filter name appear in the left sidebar

Now you can view all unanswered questions, from all or several selected hubs, on one page.

Custom filters

You can add other filters in the same fashion and use them to quickly switch between different topic lists.; e.g.:

  • only answered questions
  • all bug reports
  • only articles
  • forum topics
  • etc.


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