Is there a fee to send bulk emails?

Mailer app is a powerful system that allows you to send unlimited bulk emails. The Webasyst software license places no limitations on the number of emails you can send. Whether or not a fee is charged for sending bulk emails depends on your web hosting.

Your CRM is hosted in Webasyst Cloud

Charge is per email, only $0.001. That is 1/10 of a cent! It is like buying a really cheap stamp for your newsletters. Why then do we charge anything at all? The reason is that, unfortunately, there are spammers that take advantage of this powerful system. They use it to send millions of spam messages, and as a result Webasyst Cloud may be banned by all mail servers in the world.

Note: This charge is only for bulk emails sent with the Mailer app. Emails sent in Helpdesk and other apps are always free.

Compare to MailChimp® - a popular platform to create and send email marketing campaigns. They charge 2 or 3 cents per email, depending on how many credits you purchase. In other words, Webasyst is 20 to 30 times cheaper!

We do not place any limits on the number of subscribers. The nominal fee charged is for every unique email address. The intent of the fee is to prevent abuse by spammers, not to nickel and dime you. Our pricing is the best value in the industry, and we strive to be open and honest about what you are being charged for, and why.

Quick cost calculator:
1/10 cent per email
1000 bulk emails cost $1
10,000 bulk emails cost $10
100,000 bulk emails cost $100

Your Webasyst CRM is hosted on your own web server

In this case, there is no fee for sending bulk emails. Remember, the charge for emails is to prevent abuse of Webasyst Cloud; it is not a Webasyst license limitation. You may install Webasyst CRM on your own web server and send bulk emails to your hearts content. However, be forewarned that there are consequences for spamming the world.

Warning: Your web domain and IP-address may be blocked by mail servers if bulk emailing privleges are abused.

If abused, not only may your reputation fall into an abyss, but your domain name may be banned from all mail servers. Moreover, mail servers track IP-addresses from which messages are sent. This means your IP-address may be blocked, and subsequently your Webasyst server may be banned from sending emails, even if you use a different domain name. And not just your Webasyst will be banned, but any other programs hosted at the same IP address. Hence, you will be prevented from sending emails via other Webasyst apps.

In short, the bulk emailing capability of Webasyst CRM is a powerful feature that can help you increase profits and build a better reputation, but it must be used wisely and not abused.


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