How to create a support center

Creating a support section on your website involves only a few comprehensive steps. It is as simple as "one-two-three" to achieve this without any special knowledge or web programming skills required.

1. Create a hub

Use the Hub app in your Webasyst account to create a new hub. A hub corresponds to the new section on your website which will contain all support articles.

In hub settings, enter the URL at which you would like to make your support center available on the website.

2. Set up categories

This step will help you to group all your articles by topics; e.g., "How to start", "Advanced settings", "Troubleshooting", etc.

3. Add articles

Click "New topic", enter a title, and add content (text, images, videos) which help your customers, or website visitors, better understand how to use your products and services.

HTML knowledge is not necessary, use the simple yet functional built-in visual text editor similar to the one you've got used to.


Once you have written and published a few articles, you already have a support center on your website.


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