How to invite a specialist to your Webasyst account

To have some setup performed or a failure fixed, you may need to invite a specialist to your Webasyst account; e.g., a Webasyst Support Team member or a design developer.

How to correctly set up access for an invited specialist

  1. Add a new user in Team app. Do not send a specialist your own login name and password. Add a new user, set up its access rights only for backend sections required for certain works to be performed, and send access credentials to a specialist.
  2. Generate a hack-proof password. Find a special software or online service and save a long and complex password for your specialist. This will help prevent access by unauthorized persons to your Webasyst backend on behalf of an invited specialist.
  3. Send a login name and a password by different means (if possible). For example, you may send a user name by email and a password via a messenger. This way login credentials are less likely to be intercepted by an unauthorized person who might get access to a specialist’s either email box or messenger account.
  4. Disable a user upon completion of works. Once a specialist has finished their work, disable access for the corresponding user set up in your account. Should any technical issues arise in the future, they will not be connected to eventual interference by the invited specialist beyond the period of time when he or she was allowed to log in.
  5. Check if sign-in with Webasyst ID is enabled, in the Settings app. If it is enabled then a specialist will be able to access your backend with a Webasyst ID password only if this option is enabled in their profile in the Team app. If you have enabled sign-in only with Webasyst ID in the Settings app then a specialist will not be able to sign without the use of Webasyst ID.


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