How to remove a Cloud-hosted website with temporary address from search results


You have created a temporary website in Webasyst Cloud on a *** domain name and later created a new site on your own domain name, but the temporary website already got indexed by search engines.


Remove the temporary website from search results.


Method 1. Disable indexing of the temporary website

In Site app select your temporary website at the top left and open “Site settings” section.

In “robots.txt” field delete all contents and add the following:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

These commands will instruct search engines not to index this website any more. With time, your temporary website will disappear from the search results, which may take from several weeks to several months.

Set up redirection from temporary website URLs to your new website

While old URLs have not been removed from the search results, you may need to set up redirection so that search engine users are directly forwarded to your new site.

Method 2. Delete temporary website

Check in your Site app that you still have both websites available—both the temporary and the new website on your own domain name. The list of available sites in at the top left in Site app’s backend.

Select the temporary website and open “Pages” section to check that you have copied all important pages to the new website.

Once you have made sure that everything important has been copied, check again that the temporary website is selected at the top left, then open “Site settings”, and click “Delete entire website”. Deleted will be only the currently selected websites with all its settings, structure setup, and pages. All other websites will keep working as usual, not affected by this deletion.

When using this method, you will not be able to set up a redirection from temporary website URLs in the “Structure” section or add non-indexing directives to its “robots.txt” setting.


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