How to upload a verification file to your site

Various online services sometimes require that you upload a verification file to your website to confirm that you are the website’s owner. For instance, email services, or SSL certificate registration, or context ads publication services may have such requirements.

How to do so with Webasyst:

If your website is hosted in Webasyst Cloud

Webasyst Cloud does not allow users to upload files directly to the site root or to an arbitrary folder. This is to ensure a high security level. However, you can use settings to make your site appear as if it has a file uploaded. It will work exactly as if a file really were on your site.

  1. Open Site app.
  2. If you have several websites set up, select the one to which you need to upload a verification file.
  3. Open “Structure” section.
  4. Use “New rule” link to open the website rule adding screen.

  5. Enter the address of the file you need to upload:
    • only file name if it must be available at the website root; e.g., verification.txt
    • path to subfolder and file name if a file must be available in a website subfolder; e.g., folder/verification.txt
  6. Select rule type “Custom text”.
  7. Paste file contents into the provided text field.
  8. Select a content type:
    • file” if a file must be downloaded to a user’s computer,
    • text/plain” if a file must open in a user’s browser as plain text,
    • text/html” if a file must open in a user’s browser as a web page.

    it is usually enough to keep the “file” option selected.

  9. Keep option “Private settlement” enabled. It means that a file will be available by the specified address but no link to it will be automatically added to your website’s navigation menu.
  10. Save rule settings.

If your website is hosted on a different server

Create a file with any text editor and upload it to the required server directory via FTP, SSH, or a file manager in your web-hosting control panel. Or use the steps described for case “If your website is hosted in Webasyst Cloud”. They will work on your own server in exactly the same way.

Done! To test the file, try to enter its URL in your browser’s address bar. It should be downloaded to your computer and open in your browser depending on the selected content type.


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