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The Webasyst company is refusing to make my shopping cart usable with a merchant plugin with which I have multiple clients using. What good is a shopping cart if it can't be used. Authorize is changing how it accepts payment. This is a major framework for the USA. I find it crazy that they won't support their US clients and it has put me in a bad place. Is anyone out there working on a solution, I know I can't be the only person in this position. I have been a customer for webasyst with multiple clients for years and years and years and can't believe I am being put in this position by them. No way to do business. It is drastically affecting my business and is something I should not be having to pay for. Any help would be appreciated. I have the code and the files from authorize but I don't know how to integrate and don't have the time to be figuring it out as 3 sites are basically down.

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    No Need to worry.

    I have done this kind of work on many websites.

    I am webasyst developer partner. I will integrate on your website to accept payments.

    You can contact me - - or -

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