Connecting to IP telephony service Zadarma

To connect Webasyst CRM to Zadarma service, use a plugin in Webasyst Store.

  1. Install the plugin:
    Open CRM app and open its “Plugins” section.

    Click the name of Zadarma plugin to open its page in Installer app.

    Click “Install” to start the installation and wait until the plugin is installed.
  2. Return to CRM’s “Plugins” section and open Zadarma plugin’s settings.
  3. Copy the value of “Call notifications link” field.
  4. Sign up on Zadarma website.
  5. Add a free PBX on the home page of your Zadarma account.
    Enable “Enable call recording for all”.

    For parameter “Incoming calls to PBX will be directed to” selection option “Directly to employees' extension numbers”.

    Click “Go to detailed setting”.
    You can also proceed to advanced settings via menu item “My PBX → Extension numbers”.
  6. Set up your PBX:
    Open the properties of any available extension number.
    In field “Call recording” enable option “to the cloud”.
    Copy the values of fields “Login” and “Password”.
    In section “VoIP Software for calls settings” available on the right, download and install a VoIP program for Windows or MacOS.

    In the VoIP program settings paste and save the copied values of fields “Login” and “Password”.
    Wait until an extension number in the PBX settings is marked with green caption “online”.

  7. Open section “Settings → API and integrations”.
  8. In section “Call notifications to the PBX” paste the copied call notifications link into field “Link to your website” and click “Add”.
  9. Enable all checkboxes for event names starting with NOTIFY_.
  10. In section “Authorization keys” create keys using button “Generate keys”.
  11. Copy the authorization keys from fields “Key” and “Secret key”.
  12. In section “Other notifications” paste the copied call notification link into field “Link to your website”.
  13. Enable checkboxes for events NUMBER_LOOKUP and CALL_TRACKING.
  14. Return to Zadarma plugin’s settings in CRM app in section “Plugins → Zadarma”. Paste the copied authorization keys from fields “Key” and “Secret key” into the corresponding fields and save plugin settings.
  15. In CRM section “Settings → PBX” select CRM users, for each of your Zadarma extension numbers, who should be able to see pop-up notifications on incoming calls to those numbers.

Done! Now each CRM user selected for extension numbers in “Settings → PBX” section will see pop-up notifications in their browsers on incoming calls via Zadarma service.


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