How to enable push notifications

Webasyst has a common web push notifications system, which can be used by various apps; e.g.:

  • Shop-Script, to notify users on new orders,
  • CRM, to notify users on incoming phone calls.

Set up web push notifications once, and this setup will work for all apps which can use this common setting.

Select an online service which will send web push notifications to your users:

  1. Install an SSL certificate for your domain name.
    In Webasyst Cloud, you can order an SSL certificate via Cloud app.
  2. Open the Google Firebase website. Log into your Google account. Or sign up, if you have no account yet.
  3. Create a new project.
  4. Enter any name for the new project.
  5. Disable the Google Analytics support if you do not need it.
  6. Wait until the project is created.
  7. Click on the gear icon in the main menu to open the Project settings section.
  8. Under the Cloud messaging tab, open the 3-dots menu under the “Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)” subtitle and click on the “Manage API in Google Cloud Console” menu item.
  9. On the new page, that will open after that, click on the Enable button.

  10. Return to the browser tab with the Cloud messaging section open and refresh it.
  11. Copy the Server key and Sender ID values under the “Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)” subtitle.

  12. In your Webasyst account, open section Settings → Web push notifications. Select the Firebase provider, paste the copied values to available text fields, and save the settings.

Done! Web push notifications have been set up in your Webasyst account.


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