Mudar o idioma do meu blog.

Eu criei um blog sobre essa plataforma, mas ela está no idioma russo, como fazer para alterar o idioma do meu blog?

I created a blog about this platform, but it is in Russian language, how do I change the language of my blog?

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    Mike Webasyst September 13, 2019 12:17 #
    1. Click your user name in the top-right corner to open your profile.
    2. Click “Редактировать пользователя” (“Edit user”).
    3. Select “English” for “Язык” (“Language”).
    4. Save user profile settings.

    This will make your Webasyst backend appear in English.

    1. Open Blog app.
    2. Navigate to “Design” section.
    3. Select your blog’s URL in the top-left corner of the main area.
    4. Click “Settings” in the design navigation menu.
    5. Select “English” in “Language” list.
    6. Save settings.

    This will make your blog appear in English for website visitors.

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