DKIM for email messages

Did you know that hackers can try to send fraud or spam messages from your email address? Should this happen, your domain name may be blacklisted by email services which will result in all messages from your addresses being identified as spam.

To protect yourself against this, set up automatic adding of a special signature to each outgoing email using the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) technology. This will ensure that your positive reputation is maintained for all emails sent from your server.

Hot to set up DKIM

  1. Open Settings app’s “Email settings” section and save an email address based on your domain name in field “Sender email address”; e.g.,
  2. In the same section, add a new rule for sending email messages using the “Add email sending rule” link.
  3. Enter your domain name in field “Email or domain”.
  4. Enable “DKIM” option.
  5. Copy the generated “Host” and “Value”.
  6. Add a new TXT record to your domain name’s DNS zone settings.
    • If your domain name is linked to Webasyst Cloud:
      1. Log into your Cloud account.
      2. Open the Cloud app.
      3. Select “Domains” section.
      4. Click “DNS” to open the DNS zone editor for your domain.
      5. Click to add a new entry.
      6. Paste the copied “Host” from DKIM settings to the 1st field.
        Select “TXT” type.
        Paste the copied “Value” to the provided text field.
      7. Save the new entry using “Add” button.
    • If the domain name is linked to a different web-hosting server: add a TXT record via your hosting control panel or consult the hosting support service.
  7. Wait until the information about the new TXT record has been propagated across DNS servers. This process may take up to 72 hours depending on your domain name’s DNS zone settings.

Done! From now on, all messages sent by Webasyst from email address on your domain name will have a correct DKIM signature.

Some apps and plugins may use their own sender settings; e.g., Mailer. For such apps and plugins, use their built-in setup options.


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