SPF for email sending

Malicious users may try to send messages from email addresses looking so as if they were created on your domain name. For instance, from sender@mydomain.com, although you may not even have such an address set up on your mail server. This might undermine your positive sender’s reputation and your domain name might get blacklisted by popular email services.

To protect yourself against this, set up an SPF record that will show recipients’ mail servers which of the received messages have really been sent from your servers. All other incoming messages, looking very similar to being yours, will be identified as fraud.

How to set up an SPF record

An SPF record is a TXT-type record in a domain name’s DNS zone. You may check the availability of such a record in your domain name properties using special online services.

To add, or modify, such a record for your domain, apply to your web-hosting support team. If your domain name is hosted by Webasyst, send us a support request.

Fast setup of a simple SPF record

SPF records may be rather complex to cover all your individual requirements on sending email messages. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a system administrator or to use a special online service to build them correctly.

However, there is an option of a fast SPF setup on your own. You can use it if your domain name is linked to Webasyst Cloud and if you send emails only from the Cloud.

  1. Log into your Cloud account.
  2. Open the Cloud app.
  3. Select “Domains” section.
  4. Click “DNS” to open the DNS zone editor for your domain.
  5. Select a mailing service via which you want to send emails. Doing so will add MX SPFrecords to your domain name’s properties, which point to the actual mail servers that will be used for sending messages.
    In addition to MX records, a corresponding SPF record will also be saved.

Wait a few hours and then check whether the new SPF record has been added for your domain name.


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