How show type of currency in my productos?

I have 2 different currencies in my shop.

I need to know , how I can show the type of currency used in each of my products.

for example, what I want is that the price of the product

the currency is shown that use

if my product costs $ 5.99

my client knows how the currency that use ?.
I want to appear and $ 5.99 usd
or if is in peso mexican show it 120.00 MXN ( Mexican peso )

anyone know how to change php or html code for it?

Thank you.

my store is in

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    Mike Webasyst May 29, 2015 02:29 #

    How do you want the store to show the total order price if a customer has added products with different prices to the shopping cart? Prices in other currencies will anyway be converted to the one currently selected in the storefront.

    Why do you need that at all?

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      Unzion Records Unzion Records May 29, 2015 12:19 #

      no mike

      I want, that each product includes the end the acronym for the type of currency you use in the store.

      for example it look so .

      usd or MXN

      5.99 usd

      5.99 mxn (mexican peso)

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    You can hire a webasyst developer


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    You can hire a webasyst developer


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