How to create and use a test website powered by Webasyst

To safely try out new apps, plugins, and design themes on your website or test how a software update will affect its functioning, you can create a test website.

A test website may either be a full copy of your main website, or differ from it in any way. It is your “sandbox”, where you can play with any settings without fearing that your experiments may break your business.

Create a test website using the tools provided by your web-hosting company.

Software license usage

The Webasyst licensing system requires that an additional license is purchased for each installed software product copy. However, this requirement does not apply to test websites, and the same license can be legally used at the same time on your main website and on a test website.

How to register a test website

To ensure that Webasyst licensing system’s limitations are not applied to your test website, it must be set up in a special way.

If you fail to perform this setup then both your main website and your test website are considered separate websites, and you are required to purchase licenses of installed software products for each of them. Such usage is automatically tracked by the Webasyst licensing system.

  1. A test website must be available on a subdomain of your main website, and the subdomain name must contain the word “test”. For instance, if your main website is available at a domain like then a test website must be available at a subdomain like
  2. A test website must be protected from public access; e.g., by means of HTTP authorization. If you don’t know how to protect a website from public access, please consult an experienced system administrator or your web host’s support team.
  3. A test website must be linked to a common testing pool with the main website. To achieve this, send a request to the Webasyst support team and ask us to link your test website into the testing pool. Include in your request the Installer ID of both accounts — the main and the test one.

How to create a website copy

This option is available only on your own web-hosting server and is not available in Webasyst Cloud.

  1. Copy the contents of the directory with your installed Webasyst. You may skip the contents of the following directories as they contain only temporary files:
    • wa-cache
    • wa-log
    • wa-sources
    Leave only .htaccess files in these directories.
  2. Create a copy of the database.
  3. In the created copy of the wa-config/db.php file specify the connection parameters for the database copy.


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