How to set up sign-in with Webasyst ID for your team

There are 2 ways to sign into your Webasyst backend:

  • with a user name set up in the Team app,
  • with Webasyst ID.

Webasyst ID

What is Webasyst ID?

It includes your registered Webasyst client data, email address and password, which you use to sign into the Webasyst Customer Center. However, you can also use these data to sign into your Webasyst backend. To be able to do so, enable the Webasyst ID sign-in option as described below.

How to set up

  1. In section “Settings → Sign-in with Webasyst ID”, enable this sign-in option.
  2. Send sign-in instructions to your teammates by email if they have not been sent automatically.

Done! Now every user who wants to sign in with Webasyst ID must open a link in the received email invitation or click on the “Sign in with Webasyst ID” button on the Webasyst backend login page.

On the next page a user has to enter their authorization data for a Webasyst Customer Center account.

Then a user has to enter their usual user name and password. It needs to be done only once to connect a user profile to a Webasyst client account.

If the “Remember me” option is enabled then sign-in with Webasyst ID in the same browser will next time occur without a requirement to enter Webasyst Customer Center account credentials, and a user will be immediately redirected to the Webasyst backend upon a click on the “Sign in with Webasyst ID” button.

After a user has connected their profile with a Webasyst ID account, information about it will be displayed in the user profile in the Team app.


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