How to get new deals in CRM

Manually, via web forms, by email, from online messengers and social media


The ordinary way to get new deals is to add them manually via the New deal button in the Deals section.

  • enter any name so that it helps you distinguish the new deal from other deals in the list,
  • select a funnel and its initial stage depending on how exactly you are planning to work on that specific deal,
  • enter an estimated amount and an estimated close date of the deal, if available,
  • enter a detailed description,
  • enter the information about a new customer or select an existing customer using the contact search field.

Via a web form on the website

A message submitted by a website visitor via a web form can be transformed into a new deal!

  1. Open section Settings → Deal sources → Web forms.
  2. Add a new form:
    • enable the Create deal option and select a funnel and a responsible user for all deals which will be created from new messages submitted via this web form,
    • select the form fields, which must be completed by website visitors, Description being the main one for customers to enter the details of their new deals into,
    • select how a website page must behave after the web form is submitted,
    • enable the customer email address confirmation option if you would like to avoid receiving automatic spam messages via the form.

From email messages

An email message sent to a special email address can also be turned into a deal.

  1. Create an additional email address using your email service settings or in your web-hosting control panel.
  2. Open CRM section Settings → Deal sources → Email.
  3. Set up a connection between CRM and the newly created email address:
    • enter the email address connection parameters, which you can copy from the place where you created the email address,

    • enable spam control so that new senders who are not yet registered in your customers database have to confirm their email addresses when sending you their first message,
    • enable an email notification, which can be sent to a responsible CRM user, to a customer, or to any other email address as a notification that a new message has been received via this email source,
    • select a funnel and its initial stage in which new deals from this email source must be created.

To ensure that CRM fetches new mail from the connected email box, set up a CRON job in the web-hosting control panel. The CRON job parameters are displayed on the email source setup page. In the Webasyst Cloud, you do not need to set up a CRON job because it is enabled and executed automatically.

Some mail servers allow fetching messages from a limited set of folders only. Check your mail server settings to allow fetching mail by CRM from the Incoming folder.

From messages received from online messengers and social networks

Every new message received in CRM from a customer can generate a new deal. To get this to work, set up connection to corresponding message sources using the links below:

In the source settings, enable the Create deal option and select a desired funnel and its stage within which new deals must be created by incoming messages from a specific source.


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