Working with phone calls in CRM

In Webasyst CRM, you can call your customers online and view the entire call history, both for incoming and for outgoing calls.


To enable support for phone calls, set up connection to an IP telephony provider—a company allowing you to handle phone calls via the Internet:

  1. Install a IP telephony integration plugin via the Installer.
  2. Set up connection to the corresponding provider in section CRM → Plugins.
  3. If necessary, set up notifications on incoming calls for your teammates (this option is available in several telephony integration plugins only).

Done! Now your customers can dial your phone number, registered via your IP telephony provider, and the entire call history will be displayed in your CRM’s Calls section.

If you have set up pop-up notifications on incoming calls then selected CRM users will immediately view customer-related information from corresponding customer profiles every time you receive a phone call.

How to use the call list

The call list contains the following information and available options:

  • call start date and time,
  • customer’s phone number,
  • your company’s internal phone number, provided by your IP telephony company, at which a call was accepted,
  • call direction: incoming or outgoing,
  • call status: Pending, Connected, Dropped, Redirected, Finished, or Voicemail,
  • call duration in minutes and seconds,
  • call playback button,
  • link to customer profile or link allowing you to link a call to a selected customer profile,
  • link to an associated deal or link allowing you to associate a call with a deal,
  • information about a CRM user who answered a call,
  • call deletion icon.

Call list filter

There is an option to filter the displayed call list, i.e. to select to view only calls matching certain parameters:

  • by direction: all, incoming, or outgoing,
  • by status.


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