Installing design theme updates

1. Inistall a new version

In Installer app, open “Updates” section. Click the update installation button next to your design theme name. Wait until the update has been installed.

2. Apply the update in the design editor

If you at least once clicked the “Save” button in your design theme’s settings or edited some of its template files, then you also have to apply the installed update to your website. Until that moment, the previous, not yet updated, design theme version is used.

Back up current design theme

Download an archive file with design theme’s files for the case if something works not as expected after update. You will be able to restore current design from this archive, if necessary.

Now apply updated design theme files using any of the methods described below.

Method A: restore entire theme to its original state

How to revert to the original design theme. When you do a design reset, its previously saved version is deleted and its latest installed version gets applied to a website.

Method B: update template files one by one

Find link “Update to version ... is available” in the design editor.

Click this link to view the file update dialog. Select which files you want to be replaced with their updated versions and which must remain unchanged.

If your design theme was modified by third-party specialists, then their work will be lost if you decide to restore edited files to their original versions. Consider asking their advice before proceeding with resetting design template files.

Clear Webasyst cache

Use Settings app to clear Webasyst cache. It sometimes helps avoid various issues caused by outdated cache files.


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