How to activate an SSL certificate with a TXT record in Webasyst Cloud

After you have purchased an SSL certificate, you may be required to activate it by means of a TXT record in your domain’s DNS properties.

Activation steps

  1. Sign into your Webasyst Customer Center.
  2. Open the Hosting section.
  3. Click on your Cloud account’s name.
  4. Open the Domains sub-section and click the DNS link next to your domain name.
  5. Add a new record in the DNS editor:
    • Leave the Name field empty.
    • Select the TXT type.
    • Copy the value obtained from your SSL certification authority into the Value field.
    • Click the confirmation button.

Done! A TXT record for the SSL certificate activation has been successfully added.

What’s next

  1. Wait until your certification authority verifies the availability of a required TXT record in your domain’s properties and makes the certificate data available for installation.
  2. Order the installation of a certificate for your domain name in Webasyst Cloud.


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