Sending emails with Webasyst Email Sender

Webasyst Email Sender is the Webasyst company’s own email sending service. It allows sending email campaigns via the Mailer app in the Webasyst Cloud and on your own server.

Webasyst Email Sender is available on the sender selection step in Mailer.

If you cannot see the Webasyst Email Sender option do the following:

  1. Enable the Webasyst 2 user interface mode.
  2. Connect the Webasyst ID sign-in.

Adding a sender address and its verification

A From address is the email address from which an email campaign is sent.

In the Webasyst Cloud, the default sender address is based on your account’s technical domain name; you can replace it with any other email address based on your own domain name or registered with a public email service such as Gmail or Yahoo.

If you have installed Webasyst on your server then the default email address is the one specified in the Settings app’s email settings section. You can also replace it with any other email address to be used only as the sender email in the Mailer app.

Sender address verification

Some email providers do not allow sending emails from addresses registered wih public email services. To ensure that your emails are delivered to their recipients, the Webasyst Email Sender service verifies whether your sender email address can be used for sending emails. If the verification fails than Webasyst will offer you replacement options.

Cost & payment

Sending emails via the Webasyst Email Sender is a paid service. The applicable sending cost for a particular number of emails, your current account balance and the available number of free emails that you can send without payment are displayed in the Mailer app on the sender selection step:

The sending cost may be different when using Mailer in the Webasyst Cloud or on your server. The available number of free emails depends on your plan.

You can top up your sender account balance right within the Mailer app’s interface via the Top up balance button.


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