How to enable Webasyst 2 user interface

The Webasyst framework supports two user interface modes — old “1.3” and new “2.0” (Webasyst 2). Various Webasyst apps keep migrating to the new interface mode to look more modern and to provide better user experience on different devices.

The interface mode toggle button is located in the top-right corner in your Webasyst account:

Click on Enable 2.0 to switch to the Webasyst 2 user interface.

Look how the main menu looks in the Webasyst 2 mode:

The Webasyst 2 mode may not yet be supported by all apps installed in your account. If some app has not been migrated to Webasyst 2 then your account will show you a notice about it and will automatically switch to the old interface mode.

Follow the updates available for your favorite apps in the Installer and request their developers about the migration to Webasyst 2 styles.

How to switch back to old styles

Click the button with current interface mode in the top-right corner and select 2.0 → Back to the classic UI.

Your account will remember the selected mode and will apply it again when you return to work.


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