How to send a newsletter about Shop-Script products

Mailer app is capable of automatically embedding products-related information from the Shop-Script store catalog in the message text. Let’s look how you can do the same.

Open the Store app, navigate to the Products section and select the products whose data you want to add to your email newsletter. Then click Email campaign on the right.

This will open a pop-up dialog with the available list of message templates which support sending products-related information. You can create such templates using the Store button in the Mailer app’s template WYSIWYG editor. Select one of the templates.

The Mailer app will open, with a newsletter draft ready for editing and sending. Selected products will be displayed in the message draft, as if by magic! Note that only a limited number of products will be added to the message draft, which will depend on the number of special placeholder provided in the particular selected template. Should you select more products than the chosen template supports, those above the limit will be ignored.

Products’ images, names and prices have been automatically added to the message draft.

Your products newsletter is almost ready for sending! All you need to do is to enter a correct subject and to write a new text.

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to add more blocks and elements to your message. Once you have finished editing, proceed to selecting recipients and the actual sending via the Next button.


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