Mailer app features overview

Let’s look at the main features of the Mailer app and learn in which interface sections they are available.

New campaign

In this section you can create email campaigns. You can choose one of the two options:

  1. Create a campaign from scratch if you want to use a completely new design, which you can build by means of a WYSIWYG editor.
  2. Create a campaign from a template if you want to use a previously prepared design and structure, which you only have to slightly edit before sending: write new text, add images, or re-order some blocks.


This section contains all email campaigns which you sent before and which are still being sent. Once you have launched your first campaign, you can see it here, and also watch it being sent in real time and view sending stats updated online including the number of registered views, bounces and unsubscriptions.


Subscribers are your website’s visitors who have opted for receiving your email newsletters by submitting their email addresses via a special form on your website. Subscription forms are set up in this section, too.

You can sort the list of subscribers by names, email addresses and subscription dates. You can quickly find a certain subscriber address using the search field.


Templates are prepared design variants for your newsletters. In this section you can edit any template or create a new one, either from scratch or by importing an HTML file.

Delivery errors

This list contains recipients’ email addresses to which previous campaigns could not be delivered. This may happen, for example, when some addresses do not exist any more. They are excluded from all future mailings to maintain high rating of your mail server.

Here you can open and view any letter that has not been delivered to a specific recipient.


This section displays the email addresses of your contacts who have unsubscribed from your mailings. Unsubscription occurs via a special link, which you can easily add to your newsletters.


Every time when you create a new email campaign its name appears under the Drafts in the left sidebar. It is displayed here until you launch the campaign or delete it. You can create as many drafts as you wish and can edit them during an unlimited period of time.


In this section you can install and set up plugins. Plugins extends the basic functionality of the Рассылки app, i. e. add more useful tools and features to it. You can learn more about plugins’ features by clicking their names in this section.

You can sort plugins by price, popularity and rating. The available search field will help find a certain plugin faster.


In this section you can manage the visual appearance of website pages powered by the Mailer app; e.g., the subscriptions management section in the customer account.


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