Setting up email service SPF record in domain’s DNS editor

This article is for Webasyst Cloud users. If your Webasyst account is installed on a third-party server then you need to apply to your web-hosting company for the SPF record setup.

To prevent email messages, sent from you Webasyst account, from being identified as SPAM, a special SPF record must be added to your domain’s settings.

The SPF record setup depends on the email provider selected in section Cloud → Domains → [domain name] → DNS.

Webasyst mail server

In this case a correct SPF record is added automatically, and you do not need to added it manually.

Third-party mail server

In this case add an SPF record:

  1. Look up the information on how to add an SPF record in the help system of your email provider.

    A recommended SPF record value is usually suggested for the cases when a website sending email messages is hosted by the same service (or web hosting) which provides the email-sending functionality. In this case it is not true because your website is hosted on the Webasyst Cloud and email messages are supposed to be sent by a third-party provider.

    Therefore, you need to modify the default SPF record value as follows:
    1. Find copy in the recommended SPF record value a domain name of the email provider after the word include or require.
    2. Paste the copied domain name instead of the ellipsis (...) into this template:
      v=spf1 include:... a mx ~all
    3. If the recommended SPF value has the dash (-) character before the “all” word then put it instead of the tilde (~) character in the modified record value.
  2. In the Cloud → Domains section click on the DNS link next to your domain name.
  3. Add a new TXT type record:
    • leave the Name field empty,
    • paste the modified SPF record value to the Value field and save it.



Recommended record value:

v=spf1 ~all

The domain name after the “include” word is Paste it instead of the ellipsis into the template:

v=spf1 include:... a mx ~all

The correct SPF record value for this email provider will be:

v=spf1 a mx ~all


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