How to add custom sending speed limits to Mailer app

Mailer app allows you to select one of several fixed speed limits for sending newsletters: as fast as possible, or 60, 20, 10, 5, or 1 message per minute. If none of these values suits your specific needs and you want to add a custom speed limit, you can do so by creating a configuration file as described below.

This setting is not available if you use Webasyst Email Sender for email campaigns.

Create file wa-config/apps/mailer/config.php with the following contents on your web server:


return [
    'sending_speeds' => [
        '' => array( 'name' => 'as fast as possible' ),
        '3600' => array( 'name' => '60 messages per minute' ),
        '1200' => array( 'name' => '20 messages per minute' ),
        '600' => array( 'name' => '10 messages per minute' ),
        '120' => array( 'name' => '2 messages per minute', ),
        '60' => array( 'name' => '1 message per minute', ),
        '7200' => array( 'name' => '120 messages per', ),    // <<< new speed limit

In this example, a new speed limit value "120 messages per minute" is added. The 7200 number in this new line denotes the maximum number of messages to be sent during one hour. In the same way you can add other custom speed limits to this file.

Use a text editor with character encoding UTF-8 support to edit configuration files.


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