sale product with meter

dear team,

my customer want to create a website to sell product with meters.

Ex : please check sample page product

So user select meter and centimeter.

and ofcourse the price must be correct

how it"s possible to do that with shop script ?


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    Mike Webasyst July 28, 2015 04:43 #

    You may set up this feature using services in Shop-Script. A service is an arbitrary additional asset, which may be selected by a customer when he orders a product, with positive or zero price surcharge. In your example, you will need to add two services named "meters" and "centimeters". For each service you will several options and the desired surcharge values for each option as shown in these screenshots:

    Adding services

    Specifying surcharge for service options within individual product

    Try to set up the same in your Webasyst Cloud account and do ask again whenever you need assistance with our software.

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    Safartravel Euromed July 28, 2015 05:02 #


    this solution is too complex !

    customer got 12 000 Products !! from 15 m to 1500 m !!!

    + user can select for exampe 5 m 75 cm : so we need to manage 1 to 100 cm !!

    your solution is to fill 1500 rows for meter and for each row fill 100 rows for cm !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry it's not possible

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    Mike Webasyst July 28, 2015 05:11 #

    Keep in mind that you can:

    1. Specify common surcharge for each option which will be applied to all products. E.g., in this case option "75 cm" will always add, say, $1 to the base price of any product to which this service is applied. If this common surcharge is not applicable for some of the products, only in that case you will need to specify custom surcharge values in those products' properties. Or you may create an extra service with other surcharges to be applied to a special group of products.
    2. Specify service option surcharge as percentage of the base product price.

    Try to "play" with those settings. You may not see the correct combination of settings at once, but it may appear obvious once you have made yourself better familiar with the software.

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    Safartravel Euromed July 28, 2015 06:12 #

    Hi thank you

    i have played, and you right, we can define meters, centimeters by %.

    But there's a big problem : the service meters/centimeters are not linked with stock.

    Product A : stock = 100 (mean 100 meters)

    I bought 4 meters and 75 centimeters.

    Then i check stock : i found 99 not 95.25 !!

    is there a solution to link service to stock ?


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    Mike Webasyst July 28, 2015 08:52 #

    Well, it's a problem :) Stock amounts can be updated by integer values only. Fractional ones are not supported for stock updates in Shop-Script 6.

    The only thing I can suggest then is to set up one SKU per product, to set up the price of 25 cm for that SKU, to enter the total length of particular product divided by 25 cm as its in-stock value (i.e. how many 25 cm long parts of thaht product you have in stock), and to allow customers to enter the number of 25 cm long parts which they want to order (by manually entering the number of parts in a text field or using the + and - buttons to change the required value, or using any of these options) — of course, in one piece.

    With this kind of setup, you may modify the design theme (by writing some JavaScript code in design templates) to add meter and centimeter selectors which will automatically change the number of ordered 25 cm long pieces so that the customer does not see the number of pieces but only sees the result, i.e. the total length. This should work closely to what you have described.

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