Setting up authorization via social media

Your website visitors can access their personal accounts using their registered email address and password, or via various social networks which provide authorization option for external websites.

You can easily add authorization options for registered users of social networks in your Webasyst account as described below:

  1. Open Site app and navigate to Personal → Auth & Sign Up settings.
  2. If authorization is not enabled, do enable it to add the login link to your website design.
  3. Enable option Third-party authorization. You will see the complete list of authorization providers available for your website:

  4. Sign up in the desired third-party services and complete the setup described for each of them in the documentation. Copy the settings values provided by each service; e.g., App ID, consumer key, password, etc. Each service provides its own set of parameters.
  5. Enable each of the desired authorization services in Site app settings and paste the appropriate settings values in the provided text fields:

  6. Done! After you save these changes, icons corresponding to the set up authorization services will appear on the login page available to website visitors:

How to set up authorization via various social media


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