Setting up redirects in Webasyst

Redirects can help you preserve visitor traffic from search engines after you change the URL of any website section or page. You can set up redirects in the Site app using the "Structure" section.

To set up a redirect, click on the rule-adding link and select the "Redirect" option.

Enter the old URL on the left and the new URL, to which you need to redirect website visitors, on the right.

URL templates (masks)

In the old URLs you can use the * (asterisk) symbol as a mask which can represent any number of characters. With this symbol specified, all old URLs matching that URL template will be redirected to the new URL specified on the right.

You can use masks in new URLs, too, if you need to copy portions of old URLs represented by the * symbol to the new URLs.

In this example, visitors will be redirected from URL page1.html to info/1/, from URL page2.html to info/2/, etc.

Multiple redirects

You can set up an unlimited number of redirects using the Site app. When setting up redirects, ensure that they do not come into conflict with other routing rules existing in this screen, i.e. other redirects and Webasyst apps' settlement rules.

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