Unsubscribing from your newsletters

Give your clients an opportunity to unsubscribe from your mailings! This is a requirement of the international CAN-SPAM standard and one of the basic ethic rules of Internet communication. To do so, insert a special Unsubscribe URL variable to the text.

How to add an unsubscription link to email messages

In the WYSIWYG mode of Mailer app’s message editor, click the Variable button and select the Unsubscribe link variable.

This will add the following code snippet to the source code of your message:

<a href="{$unsubscribe_link}">unsubscribe</a>

You can see it if you switch to the HTML editing mode.

To make unsubscription links work, ensure that you have a private rule added for Mailer app in section Site → Structure. For example, with mailer/* address as shown below.

How unsubscription links work

When a message is being sent, the {$unsubscribe_link} snippet is replaced in each message with an individual unsubscription link for each recipient. The email address of a recipient who clicks the link is added to “Unsubscribed” list available in Mailer backend.

How to get subscribed again if unsubscribed

If an unsubscribed recipient completes a subscription form, then his email address is removed from the list of unsubscribed recipients, and he again becomes able to receive your mailings.

How to unsubscribe any recipient manually

To do so, open the Mailer → Subscribers section and click the deletion icon.


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