Setting up a sender in Mailer

Before sending a newsletter, you need to specify the sender email address from which the message will be sent. Once added, new senders are saved in the app and are available when you later prepare other newsletters for sending.

In the Webasyst Cloud, emails are sent via the Webasyst Email Sender service.

On your own server, you can also add your own senders. Added once, they remain available for all future email campaigns.

How to set up your own sender

To add a new sender, complete the fields listed below in a pop-up area:

  • Name of the sender which will appear in recipients’ email clients.
  • Email address from which messages will be sent.
  • Reply-To is the email address to which your recipients will send replies to your newsletter. If you do not complete this field then replies will be sent to the address specified in the Email field.
  • Transport. Email messages can be sent by means of various mail services, also called transports. Select one of the following options:
    • System Default. When this option is selected then messages are sent by the default transport selected in in the Settings app.
    • PHP function mail(). Some web-hosting companies allow sending email message by means of this transport only. If it is required to specify additional parameters for the mail() function you can enter them in the provided text field. The default parameters are -f%s.
    • SMTP is a special server which is specifically used for sending email messages. You can send newsletters via any SMTP server for which you have connection credentials: host, port, user name, and password. It can be the SMTP server of your web-hosting company or that of a public mail service such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, etc.
    • Sendmail is a web server’s system command for sending emails in UNIX-like operating systems. With the Sendmail option you can specify a custom system command for sending messages if you are an experienced server administrator.
  • DKIM. Sender authentication setting. Read more about DKIM.


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