Sending messages to large recipient lists

If you have a large recipient list (several thousands of email addresses) then sending may require a long period of time exceeding the time limit set on the server for execution of PHP scripts. There are two methods of automatically resuming email campaigns to ensure that they are always completed in spite of server-side limitations: by means of the client (AJAX) script running in your browser and by means of a job scheduler (cron) set up on the server.

Method 1. Resuming a campaign by means of a client script

The Mailer application opened in your browser is capable of automatically checking the current state of a running campaign and resuming it using AJAX. To ensure that the message is sent to all selected recipients, it is sufficient simply not to close your browser tab with the opened Mailer app.

However, this method is not very reliable because the functioning of your browser may be affected by various force majeure factors; for example, you may accidentally open another application or website in the same browser tab, close the browser tab with the Mailer app, or turn off your computer if you forget to track the campaign completion progress. A campaign can also be interrupted if your Internet connection is broken.

To avoid the above-listed problems, use the second method.

Method 2. Resuming a campaign by means of a job scheduler (cron)

For guaranteed completion of long campaigns it is recommended to set up two cron jobs: for sending the message to remaining recipients and for collecting and updating statistical information on the campaign-viewing page. Instructions on setting up these cron jobs are specified on the "Send" step.

Read more about setting up cron jobs in the server configuration documentation.

If the cron jobs have been correctly set up then closing your browser after that start of your campaign will not affect its completion.

How to interrupt an running campaign

The sending of an email campaign will be stopped in the following cases:

  • when the "Pause" button is clicked in campaign-viewing page;
  • when a running campaign is deleted;
  • if the sending process is interrupted because of server-side limitations and either cron jobs have not been set up or browser tab with the Mailer app is closed.


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