How to collect subscribers

Subscribers are those who have explicitly opted for receiving email newsletters or other notifications from you.

The most popular method of collecting recipients' addresses is to publish a special form on a website or in a blog via which any website visitor can submit his or her name and email address.

Mailer provides an option to set up an unlimited number of subscription forms. Simply copy the embeddimg code from the "Subscribers" section and to add it to the desired website page.

You are free to change the number of fields displayed in a form, its width, the location of captions next to form fields, and to set up the option of implicit (automatic) or manual adding of a new subscriber to one or more subscriber lists which you have created using Mailer app. You may also find it useful to change the caption of the data submission button from "Subscribe" to "I wish to receive news!, for example.

Once a form has been published, the data of your website visitors who have submitted their information will appear in the "Subscribers" section. To send a newsletter to all subscribers, simply select the appropriate option at the recipient-selection step when preparing a new campaign.


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