Publishing photos on your website

Webasyst allows you to store photos on your own website and to publish then with any custom design, without annoying ads, using the free Photos app.

1. Install Photos app

The easiest way to install the app is to create an account in Webasyst Cloud.

To install the app on your own server, follow the Webasyst framework installation instructions. In the installed Webasyst backend, open the Installer section and add the Photos app in "Applications" screen.

2. Upload photos

Add photos to your Webasyst account using the "Upload photos" link or by simply dragging files into the browser window.

3. Create a new website section to publish photos

All sections of a website powered by Webasyst are listed in the "Structure" section of the Site app. Create a new section (rule) for the Photos app.

Done! After you save the new website section's properties, open it at the specified URL to see how photos are displayed to site visitors.

Some tips

Changing photo gallery design

The way the photos page appears on the website is defined by the design theme you select when you add a new photo-publishing section to the site structure. Various settings, HTML templates, and CSS styles of each specific theme are editable in Photos app design editor.

Multiple albums

For better presentation of different photos, you may want to distribute them over several albums. You can create new and edit available albums in the Photos app. To make an album appear on your website, set the "Public" visibility for it. Albums with "Private" visibility are accessible only by authorized users of your Webasyst backend.

Publication in a blog

It is convenient to publish photos using the Blog app (add this app using the built-in Installer). To do so, select the desired photos, and click on "Blog post" link in the right-hand sidebar. The selected photos will be automatically embedded in a new blog post for you to add any text or other formatting and publish as a news article on your site.


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