Automatic scheduled blog posting

To get your blog posts automatically published at the specified time and date, you need special scheduler installed on your server to publish blog posts when you are busy or away. In Webasyst Cloud such a scheduler is available by default to all users. If you want to install Webasyst software on your own web-hosting server, you need to set up a job for the scheduler (cron) as described below.

1. Create a new post in the Blog app.

2. On the post-editing page, click on "Scheduled publication".

3. Enter the desired date and time of publication.

If the Blog app is installed on your server, you will see information on how to add a cron job at the very first attempt to set up scheduled posting.

Copy the line shown in bold (the command for server scheduler) and create a cron job with that command in your web-hosting control panel.

If the precision of the publication time is essential for you, specify execution of the scheduler (cron) job once every minute. Otherwise, to reduce your server load, you may specify a longer period for cron job execution cycles; e.g., once every ten minutes.

4. Confirm scheduled posting setup.

Done! Your message will be automatically published at the specified time and date, without your additional input.


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