What do I choose: Webasyst Cloud or own server?

Most important advantages and drawbacks of each of the available hosting options for Webasyst scripts

Webasyst Cloud

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Own web-hosting server

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Installation Webasyst is automatically installed when you sign up for an account. You have to choose a web-hosting server satisfying Webasyst installation requirements, download PHP scripts, and install them in the appropriate server directory.
Security Direct access to source files and the database is closed to prevent any opportunity for malware to be injected and executed in your account. Availability of direct FTP access and access to the database significantly increases the chances of your account being injected with malware scripts.
Expenses — Low expenses at the very start allowing you to quickly create a website, an online store, a CRM, and a corporate file storage. Always available option to purchase software licenses to drastically reduce monthly hosting payments.
— Each sending of an email message via Mailer app is billed according to current rate.
— Significant expenses at the very start because of the necessity to purchase licenses of all apps which you want to use in your account.
— Sending of email messages via PHP scripts is differently limited and billed by different hosting companies.
Server administration Professional administration of entire cloud platform by Webasyst team. Necessity to manage administration of your own web and database servers.
Software updates Easy one-click installation of all updates via Installer. Extra apps and plugins installed manually beyond Installer require manual updates as well.
Cron setup Cron jobs for all products developed by Webasyst are automatically executed so that you do not need to set them up. Cron jobs for all products installed in your account must be set up in your web-hosting control panel.
Functionality One of pricing plans does not allow access to advanced sales reports in Shop-Script app. Full functionality of all apps.
Backups No option to manually create a full backup copy of your account at any time. Backups are automatically made by means of Cloud system software and can be restored upon written request from a client. To create and restore backup copies at arbitrary times, use additional software products available in Webasyst Store. Many web-hosting companies, especially when you manage your own server, allow you to create and restore backups at any time.
Limitations No access to the source code and the database which does not enable you to upload files to arbitrary server directories or install custom products which are not available in Webasyst Store. No limitations on files uploads except for those which may be set up by your web-hosting company.
CDN Free acceleration of your website via CDN on some pricing plans. Concluding a separate contract with a CDN provider and payment for its services is required.
Customer Service Common support team providing responses on all software products, domain name registration, and hosting related queries. Necessity to contact multiple support teams to resolves various issues arising during your account operation.
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