How to restore access to backend

If you have forgotten your password

To recover access, use the “Forgot password?” link on the login page.

Type your login name or the email address specified in your contact details.

An automatic notification will be sent to your email address, with a link to the password recovery page.

There is no way to remind yourself of the old password because Webasyst does not store user passwords. Only password hashes are stored to determine correct logins.

If no password recovery message is sent

Suppose email sending got broken on your server or you have lost access to your mail box.

If so, ask another user with admin access to save some password for you, that you know, via Team or Contacts app.

Upon login, immediately change that password to another one.

If nothing helps

In this case only manual editing of a database entry remains, via phpMyAdmin or a similar tool in your web hosting control panel.

Open your Webasyst database and find the wa_contact table.

In the table, find the entry with your login name in the login column. Save the following password hash in the password column for that entry:


Now you can log in with your login name and this temporary password:


Upon login, immediately change this password to another one.


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