How you can use Webasyst software products

Option 1: Webasyst Cloud

To start working, simply sign up.

Right after the signup, you will see several pre-installed Webasyst apps in your online account. You can install more apps, plugins, widgets, and design themes using the built-in “Installer”.

You can also link your own domain name to Webasyst Cloud. If you have no domain yet, you can register it via Webasyst.

A pricing plan in the Cloud includes a certain amount of resources such as disk space, ability to link additional domain name to an account, server CPU usage. As soon as you need more than is included in your plan, the required resources become available automatically, and their cost is added to your monthly bill.

Webasyst Cloud is protected against various non-authorized actions from third parties. For example, only verified software can be installed and there is no direct access to files and the database.

You do not need to purchase most of the paid apps to use them in Webasyst Cloud. You can save by paying for hosted licenses on a monthly basis instead of purchasing expensive open-source licenses right away.

Option 2: Install PHP scripts on your server

To start working, download Webasyst framework and install it using the instructions.

On your own server, you can install all software products from Webasyst Store. Additionally, you can also install custom products which are not in the official store.

Installation on your server means that you have full control over software and data files, and the database.

Using Webasyst on your server might turn out cheaper than in the Cloud, if you are not going to install paid apps. For several purposes, free framework with free apps might be sufficient.

However, if you need paid apps, you will have to buy their open-source licenses to install them on your server. Monthly payment for hosted licenses is not available outside of Webasyst Cloud.

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