How to add links to similar blog posts using tags

1. Install plugin

To add tags support to your Blog app, install free Tags plugin. In your Webasyst backend, open the Installer app, proceed to its "Plugins" screen, select plugins for Blog app, find the name of the Tags plugin, and install it.

2. Add tags to your blog posts

Upon plugin installation, the extra tag field will become available on the post-editing page. You can use it to add any appropriate text tags in the form of single words or short phrases, which are most connected with the topic of your blog post.

If you need to add multiple tags to a post, finalize the input of each previous tag by entering a comma or pressing the Enter key.

3. Done!

Now next to each post content you will see the tag links associated with that post. A click on a tag link will open the list of all posts connected with the selected tag.


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