SSL certificate for your domain name in Webasyst Cloud

Users of Webasyst Cloud are automatically provided with an SSL certificate for technical domain names of the form *** You can use the technical domain for secure login to your backend.

There is an option to link any number of custom domain names to a Webasyst Cloud account. After linking a domain to your account, you can order an SSL certificate for it to make your website more secure and trustworthy. To do so, open the Cloud app in your account and order a certificate in section "Domains".

If you have purchased an SSL certificate from another company, you can also install it for your domain name in the Cloud. To do so, send a written request to the support team via your Customer Center.

Auto-redirect to HTTPS protocol

This option will redirect any user requests from any HTTP -based URLs to their HTTPS versions.

After installing an SSL certificate, proceed to the "Domains" section of your Cloud app.

Click on "Enable force redirect to HTTPS" link next to the name of your domain. The redirect will be enabled in 1 minute upon confirmation.


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