How to remove/change/fill this?

Hi there

What is the encircled item below? See the link also:

1. How can it be removed?

2. How it can be changed to English?

3. How to fill it ? with information ro images?

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    File "home.html" (shop - Showcases - templates)
    <div class="products-slider-name"><h2>Немного о нас</h2></div>
    Немного о нас
    on the desired text

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      sayed zewari sayed zewari December 4, 2015 19:36 #

      Hi there,

      I could not locate the "home.html" file. Where is it exactly this file? How exactly find it? I used the cPanel and file manager but the file but it was nowhere to be found. There was no shop-showcases-template, in this order. Thanks

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        J Carroll J Carroll December 5, 2015 23:40 #

        Go to Shop>Storefront>Templates and then you'll see home.html on the left.

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