How to publish a list of files, stored in Files app, on your website

Files app allows you to publish a list of files with links to them so that a website visitor can download any of the published files; e.g., user manuals, presentations, various technical descriptions, etc..

Publishing files on the website

  1. Install Files via the Installer in your Webasyst account.
  2. Open Files app and create a subfolder inside any of the available storages (or create a new storage for it). Read about setting up access rights for files and folders.

  3. Open the subfolder and upload files you want to publish, using "Upload files" link or simply by dragging files into the browser window.

  4. Ensure that "Structure" section in Site app contains a rule for Files app. Add it, if necessary.

  5. Go back to Files app, open the subfolder with your files, and click on "Share this folder".
  6. Click on "Create link" in the popup area.

  7. Copy code snippet of the form {$wa->files->folderHtml('***')}, displayed under the folder name, which is used for embedding file lists in website pages.

  8. Create a page on your site using any of the available Webasyst apps; e.g., Site, switch its text editor to HTML mode, paste the copied snippet, and save the page.

  9. Done! Now you can see the list of published files and links to them on the dedicated site page in the form of a table:


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