Tracking various activity in your account using widgets

In your Webasyst account, you have a dashboard,which helps you view what goes on in your account and track other important parameters essential for your work. To access the dashboard, click on your company name in the top left-hand corner of any backend page.

To the right of the live stream, you can add various widgets displaying brief information about your account's life; e.g., number of orders and new customers in your online store, and other interesting data; e.g., weather conditions in different countries and cities or latest news.

To add a widget to the dashboard, click on "Customize dashboard" under your account name in the top left-hand corner.

Widget setup

By default, a widget completely occupies the large square on the dashboard; however, many widgets also support smaller sizes. To change the size of a widget, click on the corresponding icon in widget's bottom right-hand corner.

You can arrange multiple small widgets within one large square. To do so, simply drag & drop them to the desired location. Thus, you can arrange a large number of widgets within a small viewport of your dashboard, which may be convenient on a small device; e.g., on a tablet PC.

Some widgets offer additional setting options. To change them, click on the settings icon in widget's bottom right-hand corner.

When you have completed your setup, click on "Done" under your account name to exit the widget customization mode.

Installing new widgets

Widgets provided as part of Webasyst apps automatically become available in users' dashboards when those apps are installed; therefore, you do not need to install them separately. Below are some examples of apps' widgets:

  • orders in online store (Shop-Script)
  • comments in blog (Blog)
  • photo slideshow (Photos)

Other widgets are not associated with any specific apps. They must be installed separately, in Installer. Examples of such system-wide widgets:

  • weather
  • clock
  • news


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